About Us

Driving your digital marketing success with industry-leading expertise.

Efectyv Digital was launched in 2012 to address the needs of a changing digital marketing environment.

We specialize in:

Digital Analytics Strategy–making sure the solution is architected to increase visibility across channels and focused on actionable data

Product Marketing–delivering immediate business impact for technology companies by helping them leverage both traditional and emerging marketing best practices.

Industry Reports–designed to help provide guidance for marketers and business executives who want to better understand the trends and highlights of emerging digital markets and trends.



Convergence Analytics 3.0

Convergence Analytics 3.0

Written by industry insiders Andrew Edwards and Rand Schulman, Convergence Analytics 3.0 is a Free Guide written for Digital Marketers interested in understanding the most important trends, technologies and practices in analytics today.

About Efectyv Digital

Efectyv Digital is focused on strategy for two distinct markets: digital analytics end-users; and marketing strategy for technology companies.

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