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Business-Driver and KPI Definition

What do you really need to know about your digital businesses? Often these questions are difficult to answer even for those who are very close to the process–it may become difficult to translate a business need into a report that answers questions based on that need. Our team is expert in bridging the gap between understanding what the business needs in order to make necessary changes in its content, campaigns, offerings and architecutre, and how that plays out in data collection and tools.

Campaign Tracking

Wondering which campaigns (email, Google Adwords, Social Media, banners and more) are paying off and which are not? We’ll set up analytics to track visitor activity from the first click on your landing page until they either abandon or convert. This gives you a much stronger positon for making decisions about where to concentrate campaign efforts.

Code Standardization

Over time, multiple teams and multiple deployments create code artifacts that become incompatible both technologically and with business needs. We often are tasked with standardizing code across multiple reporting landscapes, in different markets, so that reporting becomes more uniform and code upkeep is much simpler and easier to manage.

Complex Tool Configuration

Our team creates reports of every kind using whatever tools are needed: from the basic reports inside the vendor toolkits to extended features enabled by the more high-end capabilities of those tools; as well as tapping into vendor APIs to create custom inputs and outputs for data. In every case we go well beyond the basic configuration; often, this spells the difference between success and mediocrity in reporting.

Continuing Support for Web Analytics

Many customers take advantage of our continuing support capabilities–we offer a way to keep analytics current and skillsets high internally at an affordable cost. Analytics is a changing, living environment–having our expertise at your disposal makes the effort much smoother and more efficient. Support packages range from just a few hours a month and can scale to as large as needed by the enterprise.

Corporate Governance Techniques

Large enterprises–and some smaller ones–need continuity and standardization in data collection techniques, nomenclature, analytics process, campaign analysis deployment and code simplification. In a mature analytics environment, legacy methods may persist in hidden places; outdated code may be blocking proper data collection; a common knowledge-base may also be lacking. Our team has worked with companies over the years to standardize, simplify and deploy analytics to benefit numerous stakeholders within the buiness while maintaining accuracy and keeping all systems current.

Custom Report Creation and Deployment

Part of any good tool deployment is the creation of custom reports. These are based on the discovery of business needs and translating those needs into specific reports, often combining dimensions inside the reporting tool in order to answer business questions; for instance, a report on product usage inside a market level might represent a typical custom report that does not exist in the basic vendor toolkit. Our team creates these types of reports in nearly every engagement.

Custom Tag Creation

Most often, the generic javascript tag and placement picks up only base level reporting; this can make it more difficult to get detailed, granular, specific reporting on user behavior. Especially where more complex page behaviors are in need of tracking, our team is adept and experienced in creating custom tags for every situation no matter what data collection tool is being used.

Data Analysis

Data itself is less helpful without insight into the meaning of the data itself. Putting the data in context and displaying it in proper form; while providing critical commentary on what the data means in terms of actual user behavior is critical. Our team supplies this as part of many engagements.
Campaign tracking

Technology Leaders offers the same level of support for specific campaign tracking as it does for main-site analytics. We will track not only who came from the campaign, but what they did once they came, and can track campaign success all the way back to campaign ROI–independently of reporting provided by the campaign network provider.

Data Collection

Useful analytics can be achieved only with proper data collection. These days, it means deploying tags and custom javascript in order to make sure data is picked up accurately by either generic or customized tags. Our team will create a complete tag strategy in order to make sure data is collected uniformly, accurately, and in a condition to be used in a variety of reports and exports. Often we work extensively with developers to make sure tags are placed correctly. Where a tag management solution is needed, we can make recommendations from among the chief vendors in that space and implement tags using those tools.

Intranet Tracking

We consider Intrantet tracking an important way to monitor and manage the efficiency of intranets. Utilizing specific KPIs related to “self-service” modules, we use digital analytics to make sure the intranet is being used in the way it was intended, and to help identify high traffic versus low-usage areas that might be wasting effort and bandwidth.

Knowledge Transfer

Most of our engagements incorporate knowledge transfer to the customer stakeholders, so that the reports are well understood; and so that creating new reports using existing profiles can be managed by internal staff.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile usage has recently been reported to be 10% of internet traffic and reporting on mobile usage is key. The parameters, definitions and reports are different from standard web and our team is will make sure your mobile devices and apps are measured properly and integrated into your system of Key Performance Indicators.

Quality Assurance for All Aspects of Web Analytics

Technology Leaders has an extensive QA practice that it applies to all projects, resulting in excellent final quality of reports and data integrity.

Robust Documentation

Knowledge transfer (above) is accompanied at all times by robust documentation, including commented code, tagging guidelines and reporting design. Documentation is a part of almost every Technology Leaders project.

Social Media Measurement

From likes to ping-backs to Twitter mentions, the social media universe is large and growing. We’ve developed many custom reports to track the usage of social media as relates to your company and your brand; and more importantly, have developed reporting methodologies that can help you determine how well your social media campaigns are performing–whether they have brought you not just “mentions” and “likes” but visitors and customers.

Support for Tag Deployment

Tag deployment often falls to third party agencies who control access to the customer’s html; just as often, they lack the tagging expertise to execute this task without significant support from our company. We specialize in working closely with developers or CMS managers to make sure tags are properly placed per the tagging spec we have provided.

Tagging Design

Our team works diligently with stakeholders to determine the most important reporting factors. Based on these determinations, we build out a complete and robust tagging specification that goes out to developers for placement on the page, or to the CMS management for same. We support tag placement with extensive QA as noted below.

Tag Management

Working with robust tag management tools, we can take much of the developer-cycle headache out of tag placement and management; while increasing performance because of the asynchronous loading capabilities embedded in some of the best tag management tools.


Where additional knowledge is needed, we offer extensive, customized training modules in major toolkits as well as training in reporting and analytics generally.

Web Analytics Data Integration

Pulling data out of the digital analytics tool is often key to leveraging its ultimate usefulness within the organization. Our team works with sophisticated export features and builds tables and files suitable for integration into third party and back-end systems; as well as creating updatable spreadsheets that help marketers click once to see their data rather than needing to log in to the analytics tool itself.

Web Analytics Software Upgrades

Where analytics software is on site, especially in the case of Webtrends products, our team will make sure you are upgraded and current on both the analysis engine and the latest version of javascript.

Web Analytics Tool Deployment

The heart of any successful web analytics effort is a detailed, careful, relevant and accurate deployment of the web analytics tool. Where on-site software is needed, architecture may come into play, and our team is prepared to make sure the internal infrastructure is sufficient to support the software. Where the more common subscription model is in play, we make sure the right elements and add-ons are in place (or not) to make certain that the analytics tool delivers accurate, timely insights to marketers such that they can make decisions based on user behavior.

Web Analytics Tool Migration

Often a switch in tools is called for under a variety of circumstances: comfort level, specific features and cost are among the most common. We’ve migrated many customers from one platform to another and of late, specifically moving from paid solutions to GA as needed. We’ll make sure we map existing reports into the new tool and leverage new capabilities for insight within the new environment. Extensive QA and data auditing are also key in making the migration a success.

Web Analytics Tool Selection

We’ll help your team compare and contrast a variety of offerings in the marketplace, including Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Webtrends and other, more targeted measurement solutions. In every case we try to emphasize that while the tool is important, its expert implementation is even more critical.


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