Convergence Marketing & Analytics

Convergence Marketing and Analytics addresses the need for collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, reviewing them effectively and enabling or automating action plans around the data.

Efectyv Digital  offers superior digital analytics consulting expertise for mid-sized and enterprise-level companies as well as agency partners.

We focus on four key targets in convergence (omni-channel) analytics:

-Technical Excellence

-Customer Service

-Business Relevance

-Robust Documentation

Our customers benefit immediately from out deep understanding of multi-channel analytics technology, business intelligence, conversion mechanics, and conversion optimization to drive business results through analytics.

Our goal is to ensure our clients’ digital analytics questions get clearly answered and that their websites, mobile and social media efforts get on the ROI track and continuously increase revenue.

Our services include the following:

  • Gap analysis of web analytics need vs. current state of web analytics
  • Facilitated discussions with web analytics stakeholders (define KPIs and goals)
  • Web analytics report strategy and design, including custom web analytics measures as needed
  • Web analytics tagging specification and complete custom tag creation as needed
  • Close support for developers in getting web analytics tags placed (pages or content management system)
  • Quality Assurance for web analytics tags
  • Iterative tag adjustment as needed
  • Custom tool configuration
  • Full documentation of project, code and report structure
  • Knowledge transfer and turnover
  • Comprehensive analysis of the reports that interpret and contextualize data
  • Continuing web analytics support for the enterprise

We also provide expertise in the following areas:

Business Analysis

Data itself is less helpful without insight into the meaning of the data itself. Putting the data in context and displaying it in proper form; while providing critical commentary on what the data means in terms of actual user behavior is critical. Our team supplies this as part of many engagements.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile usage has exploded in the past year. The parameters, definitions and reports are different from standard web and our team is will make sure the clients’ mobile devices and apps are measured properly and integrated into a system of Key Performance Indicators.

Quality Assurance for All Aspects of Web Analytics

Technology Leaders has an extensive QA practice that it applies to all projects, resulting in excellent final quality of reports and data integrity.

Robust Documentation

Every project is accompanied by robust documentation, including commented code, tagging guidelines and reporting design. Documentation is an important part of every Efectyv Digital project.

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Convergence Analytics 3.0

Convergence Analytics 3.0

Written by industry insiders Andrew Edwards and Rand Schulman, Convergence Analytics 3.0 is a Free Guide written for Digital Marketers interested in understanding the most important trends, technologies and practices in analytics today.

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Efectyv Digital is focused on strategy for two distinct markets: digital analytics end-users; and marketing strategy for technology companies.

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