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ClickZ and Efectyv Marketing would like to invite you to take part in an industry-first survey on Convergence Analytics for digital marketers.

Based partly on your survey responses, this inaugural report will be an indispensable guide to Convergence Analytics, the most important development in digital marketing in the past decade. The report will be created by industry pioneers Rand Schulman and Andrew Edwards of Efectyv Marketing, in partnership with ClickZ.

Based on a related cluster of changes in the digital analytics field, we felt it made sense to review them in more depth. Among these are the customer demand for greater ability to see data from different sources in a single view; the increasing importance of data correlation; the lack of clarity between “business intelligence” and digital analytics; and perhaps most importantly, the emerging cadre of tool vendors working to address these changes. Because of the combination of factors pointing to an identifiable new type of data intelligence practice, we felt it was appropriate to call this nascent field “Convergence Analytics.”

As a bonus, all respondents of this survey will receive an advance summary of the report. In addition, we will also be giving away two tickets to SES New York (the winner will be drawn at random and announced on publication of the report).

Follow the links below to find our brief questionnaires on the topic – this should not take any more than a few minutes of your time . Surveys are split into ‘vendor’ and ‘practitioner’ categories, so please participate as appropriate.

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Many thanks for your participation.

Convergence Analytics 3.0

Convergence Analytics 3.0

Written by industry insiders Andrew Edwards and Rand Schulman, Convergence Analytics 3.0 is a Free Guide written for Digital Marketers interested in understanding the most important trends, technologies and practices in analytics today.

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