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Despite access to unprecedented amounts of customer data, a major complaint today is of an overload of disorganized information with not enough capability to rapidly deploy it towards decision-making. This complaint has been heard by software developers, especially those already in possession of some kind of tracking technology. While they each have a different approach, they all seem to offer something we’re calling Convergence Analytics™.

What is Convergence Analytics? It’s the combination of numerous sources of marketing data for presentation in a single, browser-based view. What convergence analytics companies have in common is an understanding that siloed information suffers from a serious dilution in value, as opposed to data that can readily be compared to other data, usually by comparing trends within similar time frames. Much of this data is now to be culled from sources other than the web.

Report entrants range from companies that have a history in voice-of-customer (surveys); to “traditional” web analytics; to new companies just now raising capital and gaining their first customer footprint. Driven by the need to see more data more meaningfully, digital analytics is moving rapidly to convergence.

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Convergence Analytics 3.0

Convergence Analytics 3.0

Written by industry insiders Andrew Edwards and Rand Schulman, Convergence Analytics 3.0 is a Free Guide written for Digital Marketers interested in understanding the most important trends, technologies and practices in analytics today.

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