Convergence Analytics 2.0

Convergence Analytics 2.0, researched and written by ClickZ and Efectyv Digital, is a must-have for any vendor, practitioner or investor interested in the evolving market of marketing analytics.

In the first Convergence Analytics report we said the new paradigm in marketing is “Everybody is measuring everything.

This paradigm remains prevalent; and the pace of companies moving to this model has only increased. Our second report, Convergence Analytics 2.0, will show you how this major refocus of digital analytics will affect and challenge you as a practitioner, vendor or investor.

Based on new business intelligence survey, find out how…
• powerful algorithms
• cloud computing
• big data
• custom data connectors
• sophisticated display layers
…has launched a new phase of marketing analytics with hundreds of vendors rapidly innovating as they compete in an unmapped new marketing terrain.

We believe a consolidation in multi-channel analytics is coming soon. Click here to receive your free copy.

About Efectyv Digital

Efectyv Digital is focused on strategy for two distinct markets: digital analytics end-users; and marketing strategy for technology companies.

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